Why choose Gazley Škoda

With Škoda's 12month/15,000km fixed service intervals, you'll know precisely when it needs to be serviced.

Additionally, we have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and for late model vehicles will be able to record your vehicles service history in the factory “Digital Service Schedule” ensuring those recorded will always be available in the future.

Having your ŠKODA serviced inline with the manufacturer's requirements will ensure your vehicles longevity and enhance the resale value when it comes time to upgrade.

What to expect

  • Approved oil being poured into a SKoda during its service

    Oil & fluid changes

    Your Škoda Authorised Service Centre will regularly change your car's oil and oil filter to guarantee that the engine runs correctly and has a long service life. Škoda recommends a Škoda approved oil.

  • Skoda tech inspecting the engine during its service

    Service inspections

    To keep your car in lasting working condition and to make sure that no guarantees are voided, you need to have it regularly serviced at a Škoda Authorised Service Centre. You can find information on the frequency at which Škoda's need to be serviced in the service log or vehicle operating instructions, which are part and parcel of your Škoda's on-board documentation.

  • Air conditioining service with specialised machine & tech

    Air conditioning service

    We can provide your air-conditioning with a full service. We will run a leak test on the air-conditioning system, check its functions and pressures, and measure the amount of coolant. We carry out work precisely according to the manufacturer's instructions, and in doing so we use manufacturer-recommended state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Wheel alignment being carried out by trained tech

    Wheel alignments & Tyre rotations

    If your wheels are not aligned properly, the tyres will wear unevenly. This is why we offer to check your car's axle geometry and adjust it if necessary. We carry out work precisely according to the manufacturer's instructions, and in doing so we use manufacturer-approved modern equipment.

Škoda roadside assistance

Family with a sheep by a parked Skoda Kodiaq

Škoda service plans

With a ŠKODA Service Plan you purchase your servicing upfront, providing you with certainty around vehicle running costs, protection from inflation, excellent value for money & overall peace of mind driving.

To learn more about how we can help with your new car servicing and ŠKODA service plan options contact the Gazley ŠKODA team

Show your Škoda some Love

Show your Škoda some love. Here are a few tips to keep your Škoda running smoothly until we see you next!

  • Tyre pressure tool in the fuel cap of some Skoda models

    Unsure of tyre pressure?

    On the inside of your fuel flap, you can find the sticker with the values. Most of the pressures are noted in the measurement BAR. Depending on the load for your journey, you may need to adjust the tyre pressure accordingly. The display will indicate pressure for a single person occupancy in the car and also for a fully laden vehicle.

  • Tyre pressure monitoring on dash screen in the vehicle

    Tyre pressure monitoring

    A change in tyre pressure can be identified with Škoda Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). If pressure has been lost or changed, the system will alert you, by displaying the TPMS indication on the instrument panel. Once pressures are checked and correct, the TPMS can be recalibrated through the options menu on the infotainment system.

  • Boot opening switch on the drivers side door.

    Opening the bonnet

    If you want to check your oil, or top up your washer fluid, you'll need to get under the bonnet. It's usually only when you go to do this, that you realise you aren't sure how to open the bonnet! In most Škoda's, the release lever is located under the glove box on the front passenger side of the vehicle. For a smaller number of vehicles, it's in the same position but on the driver's side.

  • Engine oil dipsticks and refence for correct levels

    Checking your oil

    From time to time, it's good to check your oil level. The oil dipstick can be found under the bonnet and is easily identified by its yellow handle. Remove the dipstick fully, wipe it with a cloth to remove oil and return to its original position in the tube. Repeat the first step again, by removing the dipstick. The oil level should appear between the two markers.

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