Highest quality replacement parts

There is no comparison between a genuine Škoda part and a replica. Genuine parts are made by the same factory that built your vehicle under the strictest quality standards and the others simply aren't.

When it comes to repairing, servicing or upgrading your vehicle, only an authorised Škoda agent such as the dealership or service centre should work on your pride and joy.

Our team are experts, they live and breathe Škoda and are fully trained on the specifics which make it difficult for unqualified mechanics to master.

  • Skoda diesel filter

    Diesel particle filters

    A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a key contributor to the environmental friendliness of modern diesel-engined vehicles. A DPF is a technically sophisticated piece of equipment that is highly efficient at removing soot.

  • Skoda body and panel parts layed out

    Body Parts

    Škoda genuine body parts are a lot more robust than non-original products and have an anti-corrosion coating that is up to three times thicker. The precision fit with other components guarantees that your car's original look will not be disfigured. This precision keeps repair costs down because there is no need to make any changes prior to painting and installation.

  • Skoda brake calipers


    For each of our brake pads and discs, we have carefully selected the brake lining materials, singled out the finest manufacturing technology, and run the toughest of tests. We are well aware of the fact that it is not just vehicle damage at stake here, but also - and more importantly - human lives.

  • Shock absorer springs

    Shock absorbers

    Shock absorbers have a significant effect on handling, the braking distance, tyre wear, and stress on the body and chassis components. Their design, high quality and guarantee of optimal performance contribute considerably to your car's excellent handling, come rain or shine. They also help the vehicle to hug the road, especially around bends.

  • Skoda air filters

    Cabin air filters

    Your engine's performance will suffer if you neglect filter maintenance, fail to replace filters on time, or use unapproved types. The use and regular replacement of Škoda genuine filters is your guarantee of excellent performance, reliability and a long service life. Did you know that an air filter filters 15 kg of air for every 1 litre of consumed fuel?

  • Skoda car batteries


    Škoda genuine batteries deliver long-lasting stable energy output in all situations. You will really appreciate how good they are if you don’t use your car for a while in the winter, a season that can be fatal for batteries. All Škoda genuine batteries are now commonly maintenance-free. Škoda genuine batteries are heavier, meaning they have more capacity than comparable rival batteries.

We only use approved oils & fluids

Adblue being added to a Skoda via a hose

Škoda approved oil

Škoda recommend using a Škoda approved oil to ensure your engine will achieve maximum output with low fuel consumption. Your Authorised Škoda Service Centre will be able to advise the best option for your vehicle.

Skoda fluids being added to the engine


AdBlue® is an environmentally friendly synthetic solution that consists of highly pure urea (32.5%) and demineralised water (67.5%). It helps selected Škoda models with diesel engines comply with stringent environmental standards. The consumption depends on the driving style, the system's operating temperature and the weather conditions. The quantity of AdBlue® in the tank is electronically monitored. The driver gets AdBlue® refill warnings on the dashboard computer. Top up AdBlue® conveniently at an Authorised Škoda Service Centre. Clean. Fast. Trouble-free.

Genunine accessories

It's often those little extras that make a journey more enjoyable. We offers a range of genuine accessories to enhance your Škoda with even greater versatility and personalisation designed and constructed to the exacting standards matched to each individual vehicle.

  • Skoda boot with nets

    Stay oranised

    An organised boot can make all the difference. Our wide range of boot accessories help make storage simple and effective. Take our boot dishes, for example, fit with an aluminium partition that makes sure things don't spill or topple.

  • Roof mounted storage on a Skoda


    We've made it easier to gear up for family trips. Choose from our range of simple and ingenious transportation options, from roof racks and tow bars, to luggage boxes and bike racks.

  • Dog secure in a back-seat harness


    Whether your passengers are people or pets, we've got accessories to ensure everyone arrives safely. Our child observation mirror sits just above the rear view mirror, helping you keep a watchful eye over the back seat. Whilst our dog seat belt keeps your best friend safe and snug, from home to park and back again.

  • Couple with surfboards and their red Skoda

    Accessory bundles

    Your local Škoda dealer can mix and match accessories to suit your needs, every Škoda owner has their own personality and that's why we can bundle a package to suit your every need.

Skoda with roof mounted storage next to chess pieces

After a DIY solution?

Follow the user manuals to install Škoda Genuine Aceessories on your car correctly.

Škoda exchange parts

Škoda exchange parts are factory reconditioned parts for vehicles of any age. In the reconditioning process, the parts are taken apart, cleaned, measured and inspected. The individual components of each part are reconditioned or replaced with new ones. The re-use of returned parts means that the environment suffers less of a burden in terms of waste.

The main advantages of exchange parts are; Lower prices depending on the specific part, 100% compatibility with the vehicle, safe and high-quality parts to Škoda standards, the green recycling of old parts, and environmental protection.

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